Phillip Sauvé lives in the Washington D.C. metro area, where he works in management for MOM’s Organic Market.  He is an active supporter of protecting and restoring the environment and sustainability initiatives, and has worked with various environmental groups. Previously, he lived in Japan for three years.  He was chosen amongst thousands of candidates to participate in one of Japan’s largest cultural exchange programs to teach English in the small coastal town of Motoyoshi.  While there he integrated himself into the culture and local community, coaching the local youth in basketball, learning the language, and engaging in an alternative, eco-friendly form of rice cultivation called fuyu-mizu-tambo.  He also learned how to surf and studied Japanese calligraphy (shuji), in which he reached a master ranking (sho-dan).

His interests include traveling, personal finance, swimming, basketball, minimalism, urban planning, Japan, and anything involving Detroit or the beautiful state of Michigan.

Phil received his BS from Western Michigan University in 2007, where he studied in the Environmental Studies, Sociology, and Japanese departments.

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